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Accidents happen, regardless of how well-prepared your drivers are. Our insurance is available to help you recuperate and get your crew back on the road when axels fail, and the weather turns a routine drive into a hazardous event. 


Finding a policy that meets your demands as well as state and federal standards is the key to coverage. At American Insurance Brokers, we offer businesses in and near Mandeville, Louisiana, cost-effective protection that never skimps. We take pleasure in providing affordable estimates and are experts in truck insurance. Most significantly, we’re contributing to the improvement of the business, one truck at a time, by working hard to offer management and truckers the insurance coverage and support they need. 

A tractor trailer traveling on the highway that's covered by tractor trailer insurance.

The Importance of Tractor-Trailer Insurance  


It could not be more important for operators to have sufficient tractor-trailer insurance. From minor to catastrophic accidents, this coverage is uniquely designed to meet the needs of those it covers. Additionally, every southern state requires certain minimum coverage amounts.  


Protect your assets by considering what type of commercial auto insurance coverage is best for your specific needs.  

Tractor-Trailer Insurance Requirements Set Out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) 


The FMSCA has specific interstate insurance requirements for tractor-trailers. To get an Operating Authority (aka MC number), you will need public liability insurance for property damage and bodily injury.  


Public liability insurance protects interstate truckers from public accidents for which the trucker is at fault. Bodily injury covers the medical expenses of other drivers and pedestrians wounded in collisions. Property damage covers repairs to property damaged in an accident.  


Interstate truckers must meet minimal limits of coverage, according to the FMCSA. The minimum required depends on what type of freight is being hauled.  

  • Non-hazardous freight moved in a truck under 10,001 pounds requires a minimum of $300,000 in coverage  
  • Non-hazardous freight moved in a truck over 10,001 pounds requires a minimum of $750,000 in coverage  
  • Oil moved by for-hire and/or private carriers requires a minimum of $1,000,000 in coverage  
  • Hazardous materials moved by for-hire and/or private carriers require a minimum of $5,000,000 in coverage  


Remember that these are only the bare minimums and only what is required by the FMSCA. Some shippers and brokers require at least $1,000,000 in liability no matter the type of material being hauled.  

Types of Tractor-Trailer Insurance  


In addition to the minimum insurance requirements, there are other types of coverage you might be required to obtain or choose to obtain. 

Physical Damage Insurance  

If your truck is financed, the lienholder likely requires physical damage insurance. If your truck is paid off, then you might choose to add it for your own protection. It covers situations such as theft, fires, and accidents, reimbursing you for physical damage that is done to the truck.  

Bobtail Insurance 

If you bobtail (i.e., drive your truck without a trailer), you will likely want bobtail insurance. If your truck is without its trailer, whether on the road or off the road, such as when it’s having service done, bobtail insurance covers it. If you make trips without dispatch, you might be required to have this coverage.

Motor Truck Cargo Coverage 

In addition to protecting the truck, you also want to protect the cargo in it. Motor truck cargo coverage is just what the name sounds like, and it protects the cargo in the event it is damaged, stolen, or otherwise negatively affected. Every policy is different, so make sure you know what is covered by yours.  

The Cost of Tractor-Trailer Insurance Depends on a Variety of Factors 


Truck drivers hauling money into a tractor trailer to cover the cost of tractor trailer insurance.

Understandably, one of the first questions our clients have is how much 

tractor-trailer insurance will cost them. The shorter answer is this: it depends. The longer answer is that it depends on the following factors:  


  • The type of material you haul 
  • How far you haul  
  • The size of your truck(s) and fleet  
  • Where you live 
  • Your years of driving experience 
  • Your driving record  
  • Garage location 
  • The level of coverage you want 
  • The condition and age of your fleet  


Getting Discounts on Tractor-Trailer Insurance 


At American Insurance Brokers, we can look for the best possible rates with all applicable discounts. We might be able to help you pay less if you and your drivers have CDL and clean driving records. If you can pay for the year in full, or if you can reduce coverage based on changing needs, you could save money.  


We are proud to offer a free insurance review so you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible rate.  

Tractor-Trailer Insurance Information by State 


We are a full-service commercial truck insurance agency that has been proudly serving the southern states since 1980. 


American Insurance Brokers is headquartered in Mandeville, Louisiana. We know how unpredictable weather, deadlocked traffic, and other issues can cause trouble for our nation’s truck drivers. Our team will work to get you the coverage you need for the best price we can.  


In Louisiana, we offer several additional endorsements other than those already mentioned:  


  • MCS90: Shows that the driver’s financial commitment meets the state’s minimum requirements 
  • BMC34: Shows cargo liability coverage 
  • Form E: Demonstrates that drivers carry the minimum required insurance 
  • Form H: Confirms that drivers carry the minimum required cargo liability insurance for their home state 
  • OS/OW COI: Proves to Louisiana that drivers have sufficient liability insurance to operate oversize or overweight vehicles 
  • SR22: Shows that drivers have filed minimum liability insurance with their home state motor vehicle department 


Texas truckers need choices and what’s what we offer, with a range of insurance types including:  


  • Trucker’s liability 
  • Commercial auto liability 
  • Trailer interchange 
  • Non-trucking liability 
  • Motor truck cargo 
  • Workers’ compensation 


Remember that we offer a free insurance review, so if you’re not sure that you’re fully covered, we can help! 


Trust us to offer you the best possible options when you need tractor-trailer insurance in Alabama. As is true of all states, premiums here are affected by driving records, where the trucks are housed, and other factors.  


Our crew can ensure that you and your fleet comply with federal and Alabama state requirements.  


  • FMCSA 
  • MCS90 
  • BMC34 
  • BMC91-X 
  • Form E 
  • Form H 
  • OS/OW COI 
  • SR22 


Mississippi law requires minimum amounts of liability insurance, as do other states. When you contact our offices, we can go over the requirements.  


The amount of tractor-trailer liability insurance you need in Tennessee is based on the scale of your towing business. You can also add optional coverages such as MedPay. When you work with us, we will cover the filing of state and federal forms that keep you in good standing.  

We prefer to do this ourselves so that when the law changes, we can make sure that your coverage is always up to date. Some of the requirements that you might be limited by include:  

  • FMCSA 
  • MCS90 
  • BMC34 
  • BMC91-X 
  • Form E 
  • Form H 
  • OS/OW COI 
  • SR22 


Every client has their unique needs, and every client is treated as the individual they are. We know that different situations require different coverage types. That’s why we offer many options for tractor-trailer insurance in Arkansas. 

We will help you understand what is required by law and what optional coverages could benefit you.


Neither on-hook nor garage keepers’ insurance is required by Georgia law, but many owner-operators find that it’s well worth the cost. Whether you have questions about these or other types of optional or required coverage, our agents are here to help.  

Remember that we are insurance brokers – not an insurance company. What does that mean for you? It means that you can trust that we are brand neutral and capable of independently advising you of the best policy for your needs.

You Have Found the Right Choice for Tractor-Trailer Insurance  


Are you prepared to begin? Discover the benefits of choosing American Insurance Brokers as your top option for tractor-trailer insurance in the South. We have the knowledge to assist you in choosing the appropriate coverage to provide your company with the highest level of security without paying excessive rates. 


We are based in the Southeast of the United States, where we also provide our services. Our crew is readily available, close by, and always willing to assist. Policyholders refer us to their friends and coworkers because of our reputation for having excellent employees and customer service. You will be confident to continue driving safely if American Insurance Brokers is on your side. 


Contact American Insurance Brokers immediately for further details on properly covering your tractor-trailer or getting a free assessment of your truck insurance policy. 

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