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If dump trucks run your business, you need straightforward insurance options you can count on. Whether you’re transporting gravel, concrete, or other materials, the best dump truck insurance options protect your livelihood. American Insurance Brokers is a full-service commercial truck insurance agency serving states across the southern U.S. Since 1980, we’ve prided ourselves on offering coverage you can trust. This is what you can expect when working with our team for your dump truck insurance needs.

Why is commercial dump truck insurance important?


dump truck insuranceIt’s no surprise that dump trucks need comprehensive insurance coverage—they’re heavy-duty, heavy-use commercial vehicles. They are massive in size and uniquely skilled to perform work for roads, construction, mining, and so much more. Size and quality come at a price. Whether you own one dump truck or an entire fleet, it’s important to protect your assets.

Beyond this, there are unique challenges when it comes to dump truck insurance requirements.

Unlike many other commercial vehicles, dump trucks are often off the road and in the dirt. Some insurance policies can cover your business if you rent or lease dump trucks to scale up your fleet for temporary jobs. The nature of this type of work can also lead to more accidents. Due to the enormous size and weight of a dump truck, the results can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, accidents that were severe enough to need towing rose 9% (over 8,206 incidents) in 2016, the last year reported.

Whether it’s a minor collision or overturn incident, coverage for any type of physical damage or liability is critical to protect your business.

What are general dump truck insurance requirements?


Unlike a personal automobile policy, a commercial vehicle insurance policy provides more coverage for a range of different incidents. While your insurance will cover property itself, it should also protect your employees when they drive your dump trucks.

These are a few of the common requirements for dump truck insurance. Later, we’ll discuss dump truck insurance requirements that are specific to the southern states we serve.

  • Physical damage: This is a general term for a variety of coverages that protect your dump truck in the event of a collision, fire, flood, or even theft and vandalism.
  • Liability: This type of insurance can cover injuries or damage to other people or property if you’re at fault for an accident. It may also pay for your legal defense costs if you are sued as a result of your involvement with the accident.
  • MedPay: Medical payments coverage, also known as MedPay, helps pay medical expenses if you or passengers are injured during an accident, regardless of who caused it.
  • Motor truck cargo: This type of insurance covers the cargo you are hauling up to a set limit pre-determined at the time of your policy purchase, based on your unique work factors.
  • Workers’ compensation: This can help with medical costs and lost wages for an employee who becomes injured or ill on the job.

It’s important to note that if you cross state lines with your dump truck, you must register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This federal liability filing requires a minimum of $750,000 in liability coverage.

At American Insurance Brokers, we can help you decide what type of coverage, and how much, your business needs. Our agents can also advise you on the legal requirements for your company and the best ways to limit your liability in the event of an accident.

How much is dump truck insurance?


When you’re running a business, every dollar counts. Our agents understand how important it is for you to find insurance at a fair price.

If you’re wondering how much dump truck insurance will cost you, know that it depends on many different factors. These may include:

  • The materials you haul
  • How far you haul them
  • The size of your trucks and fleet
  • Where you live
  • Experience and driving record

How can you find the best price on your dump truck insurance? If you and your drivers have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and a clean driving record, we may be able to help you find available discounts. In some cases, you can save by paying your insurance in full for the year or reducing coverage to better align with your business needs.

Above all, the best way to find a fair deal is to shop around. Our trustworthy agents at American Insurance Brokers can help you sort through available options to find the best policy for your business.

In Louisiana


At American Insurance Brokers, we’re proud to call Mandeville, Louisiana our home base. We’ve spent decades working with businesses across the state. We know you need robust and comprehensive dump truck insurance in Louisiana. Our cities include, but are not limited to:

Traveling outside of Louisiana? Not a problem. The team at American Insurance Brokers will get you the coverage you need to give you peace of mind, no matter where your business takes you.

In Texas


There is a lot of road to cover in Texas, especially in the construction industry. When your dump truck is constantly on the job, you need coverage you can count on. At American Insurance Brokers, our Texas dump truck insurance options generally include:

  • Commercial auto liability
  • Physical damage
  • Motor truck cargo
  • Workers’ compensation

With our free coverage review, we can take a look at your existing policy to see if you need additional dump truck insurance in Texas

In Arkansas


If you’re looking for dump truck insurance in Arkansas, American Insurance Brokers is here to serve you.

Different situations call for different coverage types, and we offer a variety of truck insurance options to meet your needs. Our primary liability coverage is required by law and covers truck damage or injuries to others in the event of an accident. We also offer cargo insurance to cover whatever your dump truck is hauling. Finally, our non-trucking liability insurance covers your truck when you’re off duty.

We can also include coverage that crosses state lines, so you’re protected no matter where you drive.

In Alabama

Serving all of Alabama, including Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile, American Insurance Brokers can find the right policy for your dump truck business.

Your quote will be highly personalized, taking into account:

  • The make and model of your dump truck or fleet
  • Your driving record
  • Number of years in business

No matter what you’re hauling or where you’re taking it, we’ll find you the right dump truck insurance in Alabama.

In Georgia

Our agents are knowledgeable about issues related to dump truck insurance in Georgia, whether or not you are crossing state lines.

We recognize that your dump truck is a big investment, which is why it’s important to protect it. The heavy-duty nature of this type of commercial vehicle means it can also do a lot of damage. For this reason, it’s essential to have coverage that will protect your business in the event of an accident.

In addition to basic liability and physical damage, we can even help secure rental reimbursement. Including this in your policy can help guarantee that you keep working, even if your dump truck is temporarily inoperable. Our agents will be at your side should you experience an issue or accident, working to get you back on the road.

In Mississippi


Like nearly every state, Mississippi requires that commercial truck drivers carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. This is typically $750,000 for general freight. If you cross state lines, you’ll be required to carry certain federally mandated coverage. Typical liability minimums are between $750,000 and $1,000,000.

At American Insurance Brokers, every new and longtime client gets the best possible service. We work directly with both independent dump truck operators and fleet managers to ensure compliance with the law and financial support if an accident occurs.

If you’re looking for dump truck insurance in Mississippi, call American Insurance Brokers for your free policy review.

In Tennessee


Like many other states, the cost of dump truck insurance in Tennessee will depend on what you are transporting. Our skilled team at American Insurance Brokers can help your team create a policy that serves your needs with competitive pricing. As always, we can add on important coverages, such as medical payment insurance and even truck rental reimbursement.

Whether you’re in Memphis, Nashville, or elsewhere in Tennessee, dump truck insurance is easier when you work with American Insurance Brokers.

Your first choice


dump truck insuranceAt American Insurance Brokers, we strive to make the insurance process simple.

We only partner with the best commercial dump truck insurance companies to bring you policies that fit your needs. With decades of experience in the southern U.S., you can trust that we’ll secure insurance that gives you maximum security at a fair price.

Get your free policy review, and find out why American Insurance Brokers is your first choice for dump truck insurance in the South.

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