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Know What To Look For in Commercial Insurance Policies

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Reviewing the terms and costs of a truck insurance policy is something that every policy holder should do annually. Not only does this allow the policy holder to update his/her coverage needs, but also allows him/her to minimize the cost and to maximize the benefits. Here is what knowledgeable truck insurance buyers are looking for in a quality policy:


  • Low deductibles and high limits – Insurance policies have limitations, and it’s important for a policy holder to know exactly what they are paying for. For instance, pay close attention to the deductible – the amount you will have to pay before the insurance company makes any payment – and to the absolute limits that the company is required to pay. The first should be relatively low and the latter should be high.


    • Ensured compliance with all federal and state requirements – Commercial truck insurance is a complicated issue and includes an unusually large number of requirements such as:
      • FMCSA
      • MCS90
      • BMC34
      • BMC91-X
      • Form E
      • Form H
      • OS/OW COI
      • SR22


      Your insurance company should beware of these issues and ensure that you do not run afoul of any insurance laws while enrolled in one of their policies.


  • A responsive insurance company – Our brokerage works with over 35 “A” rated truck insurance companies. In fact, we take the time and make the effort to find the appropriate but most affordable coverage for you. We specialize in matching truckers with the best insurance company to meet their need. Our industry contacts mean that you will get the most competitive price for your trucker’s insurance regardless of circumstances. Mystified by the various requirements of obtaining legal and affordable truck insurance? It is important to find a reputable commercial insurance agent to help you to get through the process. Otherwise, you are liable to pay through the nose or find yourself underinsured when an actual accident occurs.


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