Commercial Truck Insurance in Texas

Everything’s bigger in Texas! If your business operates in the Lonestar State, you need to cover a lot of ground. That’s why you need insurance you can count on. Don’t waste your time with companies that will dodge you when you’re in a pinch. 

At American Insurance Brokers, we find the best commercial truck insurance in Texas for you. Our team has been serving fleets large and small since 1980, which is why we’re your first choice. 

What are the benefits of Texas commercial truck insurance?


Texas is a special place. In Texas, there are big cities like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, but also lots of open space. This makes it a great place for trucking companies to do business.


Texas Truck Accident Statistics  


Unfortunately, the great state of Texas is still improving infrastructure to manage population growth. That means the main thoroughfares can be troublesome. A 2022 study showed that I-35 in Texas is the fifth most dangerous road in the United States 

When it comes to trucks, the statistics are even grimmer. 


  • Disturbing Trends in Texas: The state reported significant fatalities from truck accidents, with 579 in 2019, 568 in 2020, and 716 in 2021. 
  • National Context: Texas has almost twice as many truck accident deaths as California, which has the second highest number of fatalities. 
  • Mileage Perspective: Despite ranking fifth in vehicle miles traveled, Texas exhibits disproportionately high accident rates, diverging from the pattern seen in smaller states.
  • Focused Research by FMCSA: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is dedicating efforts to uncover the underlying reasons for the elevated truck accident rates in Texas.
  • Trends Over Time: Deadly accidents with big vehicles decreased in the 1990s and 2000s, but started to increase again in 2010. 
  • Impact on Industry: More truck accidents make it hard for the transportation industry to deliver goods safely. This goes against the Department of Transportation’s goal of reducing fatalities. 

Your Personal Auto Insurance Doesn’t Protect You in Your Truck  


If you work alone, your regular car insurance won’t cover you or your business. In fact, many companies will cancel your policy if you are using the vehicle for business purposes. If you have employees, Texas commercial truck insurance covers your workers when they’re driving your vehicles. 

 Traveling outside of Texas to neighboring states (or perhaps across the country)? Not a problem either. American Insurance Brokers will provide the coverage you need for peace of mind, wherever your business goes. 

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more! 

What Does Commercial Truck Insurance in Texas Cover? 


AIB Commercial Truck Insurance in Texas

Your cargo, typical route, and many other factors will affect the coverages you need. These are some of the different types you’ll find in our commercial truck insurance Texas policies: 

  • Commercial auto liability: This covers injuries and property damage caused by accidents where you are at fault. It may also pay for your legal defense costs in the case of a lawsuit. 
  • Physical damage: Physical damage insurance protects your truck or commercial vehicles from harm. This includes collision insurance and lets you choose between full comprehensive insurance or fire and theft with additional coverage. 
  • Medical payments coverage: Also known as MedPay coverage, pays for medical expenses for you and your passengers if you get injured in a car accident. This is regardless of who caused the accident. 
  • Uninsured motorist insurance: This usually has three different insurance coverages combined together. They typically provide protection for you if an accident occurs with an uninsured or underinsured individual. 
  • Trailer interchange insurance: This type of physical damage insurance is important for trailers being pulled under a trailer interchange agreement. This insurance financially protects you if collision, fire, theft, explosion, or vandalism damages the trailer. 
  • Non-trucking liability insurance: When you’re under permanent lease to a motor carrier and you’re not driving under dispatch, non-trucking liability insurance can provide the truck insurance coverage you need at an unlimited radius. 
  • Motor truck cargo insurance: This is necessary for for-hire truckers. It provides coverage for liability in case of lost or damaged cargo. The insurance covers incidents caused by fire, collision, or hitting a load. 
  • Motor truck general liability: Truckers need motor truck general liability coverage for injuries or property damage caused by non-core business activities. 
  • Garage keeper’s legal liability insurance: This insurance protects a vehicle you do not own if it is damaged while being towed or hauled. The damage can be caused by a collision, fire, theft, explosion, or vandalism. The insurance covers the expenses in case any of these incidents occur. 
  • Storage location insurance: This provides protection for business owners who offer towing services or operate service stations. It keeps a customer’s car safe when stored in a covered area for parking, storage, or service. 
  • Workers’ compensation insurance: Workers’ compensation insurance, also known as workers’ comp, is a mandatory type of insurance carried by a range of different businesses. It can cover medical costs and a portion of lost wages for an employee who is hurt on the job. It also protects companies from lawsuits related to workplace conditions. 

AIB Commercial Truck Insurance in Texas

How Commercial Insurance in Texas Works 


 When you’re managing a business, you don’t have time for red tape. That’s why we make it easy to obtain commercial truck insurance in Texas. 

When you trust American Insurance Brokers, you get a comprehensive and customizable policy to suit your needs. Our experts can show you how much you need to protect against property damage, liability, medical payments, and even coverage to replace cargo in the event of an accident. Are you managing a large fleet with employees? Sit down with us and we’ll figure out how much insurance you need to protect your workers. 


 What Types of Vehicles Does American Insurance Brokers Cover? 


There are a range of trucks taking to the roads of Texas. If you need insurance for transporting food or working on highways, American Insurance Brokers can assist you. 

Our portfolio includes: 

Don’t see your commercial truck on this list? Don’t worry! We understand the unique complexities of the trucking business and cover a variety of other vehicles. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can serve you. 

States Served 


Our agents at American Insurance Brokers understand the demands of the southeastern trucking industry. We proudly serve clients in the following states. 



Regulatory Filings 


 There are many important aspects of commercial truck insurance requirements, but regulatory filings may be at the top of your priority list, and the task you dread most. When you work with American Insurance Brokers, you can rest assured knowing you’re always in compliance. You can count on us to handle or facilitate the following regulatory filings: 

  • FMCSA: Filings for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration 
  • MCS90: States that the driver will have access to a minimum amount of money to pay for injuries in the event of an accident 
  • BMC34: For cargo liability coverage 
  • BMC91-X: Public liability insurance (bodily injury/property damage/environmental restoration) 
  • Form E: Demonstrates that drivers carry the minimum insurance requirement for Texas 
  • Form H: Confirms that drivers carry the minimum cargo liability insurance requirement for Texas 
  • OS/OW COI: Proves that drivers have sufficient liability insurance to operate oversize or overweight vehicles 
  • SR22: Shows that drivers have filed minimum liability insurance with the Texas motor vehicles department


Every business is unique. Where you travel and what you’re hauling (if anything) will have an influence on your filing requirements. You can trust our team to closely examine your needs to ensure accuracy.

Are You Due for an Annual Review of Your Commercial Insurance in Texas? 


We believe it’s important to have an annual review of your commercial truck insurance in Texas. This is an opportunity for us to make sure you’re getting the coverage you need at the right price. We provide free and thorough annual policy reviews for current clients. 

Once you’re on board with our team, we’ll do this every year. During this type of review, we’ll typically look for three important factors. 


  1. Assessment of Deductibles and Coverage Limits: We review your current plan to ensure it has low deductibles. This means you pay less before insurance coverage starts. We also check for high coverage limits to make sure the insurance company will pay a lot if needed. 
  2. Verification of Compliance with Regulations: Our team will ensure your insurance is in full compliance with all relevant federal and state laws. This involves managing paperwork and ensuring your insurance company keeps you informed about your policy and related documents. 
  3. Selection of a Responsive Insurance Provider: It’s critical to have an insurance company that acts swiftly in case of an accident or any emergency. We want to help you find a good truck insurance company quickly. Our network has 35 top-rated insurers that offer competitive prices and great customer service. We’ll get you back on the road fast. 

FAQ: Commercial Truck Insurance in Texas 


What types of commercial truck insurance are required in Texas? 

In Texas, businesses must carry commercial auto liability insurance to cover damages or injuries resulting from truck accidents. Other requirements may include cargo insurance, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and specific coverages depending on the nature of your operations. 


How much does commercial truck insurance cost in Texas? 

Truck insurance prices change depending on truck type, cargo, driver history, and chosen coverage limits. Contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific needs. 


Can I get insurance if I have a small fleet or am an independent owner-operator? 

Commercial truck insurance is available for all sizes of businesses, from independent owners to those with big fleets. You can tailor coverage to meet the unique needs of your operation. 


What should I do if my truck is involved in an accident? 

Report the accident to the police right away, then call your insurance company to start the claims process quickly. Gather as much information at the scene as possible, including photos of the damage and witness statements, if available. 


How can I reduce my commercial truck insurance premiums? 

To reduce insurance costs, maintain a clean driving record. Utilize safety programs and purchase safety technology for your vehicle. Make sure to update your coverage as your business evolves. 


Does my policy cover drivers in other states or only in Texas? 

Insurance companies can design commercial truck insurance policies to cover interstate operations. It’s important to specify your operational area when obtaining insurance to ensure coverage extends beyond Texas, if necessary. 


What is non-trucking liability insurance, and do I need it? 

Non-trucking liability insurance provides coverage for personal use of a truck when it’s not under dispatch. This insurance is good for owner-operators who work for a trucking company, keeping them safe when not working. 

Your First Choice for Commercial Truck Insurance in Texas  


American Insurance Brokers is the top choice for commercial truck insurance in Texas. wE have over 40 years of extensive experience in the Southeast. 

Our goal is to find our clients reliable policies at fair prices. You can trust that our knowledgeable team will walk with you through every detail of the process.  

Have a question? Just ask. What sets us apart is our ability to know what you need, why you need it, and when you need it. 

Our team at American Insurance Brokers can help you choose the right coverage amount for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you stay safer on the road. 

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