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Here are some things that our customers had to say about us:

Thank you very much and just for your knowledge we thank you for all that you do for our company but you sure are a diamond for A I B! You put in a lot of hard work to keep your customers very satisfied! It’s proven to be the facts!

Curly Rice



A very Big THANK YOU for all that you do not only for us but for Joe. I swear by AMERICAN INSURANCE BROKERS, your CUSTOMER SERVICE is next to none and your DEDICATION is out of this world. We could not ask for better, as we have the very Best in Ya’ll!

Thank you

Safety Manager
Landwerlin Trucking Inc.



To my dear friends and extended family (Holli), I can not complain about the above and beyond service we have received with our trucking policies. Anytime there was a question or a change to be made, it was done with friendly and professional service and in a upmost timely fashion. So if you want to deal with a bunch of friendly knowledgeable crew, these are the guys to deal with.

Thanks always

Todd McBroom Trucking, LLC



I appreciate your company and the great service and also the low cost insurance.

Thank you very much

Tyree Young, Sr.



I have been insured through American Insurance Brokers for over 15 years. In those years I received some of the best quotes for insurance on my commercial trucks. The personnel are always professional and friendly when contacting me when it is time to renew my policy. I have complete confidence when buying insurance through this company.

Dwayne J, Guidry
DJ Guidry Transport, LLC



You all are doing a good job. Lady’s, keep up the good work.

Vincent Arnone, Jr.
Wagon Master



I’ve only had insurance with your company. I have had opportunities to go somewhere else for a lower rate, but I didn’t and I’ll tell you why. The service, help, and family type company you can not put a price on. When I started, I started with you and when I retire I hope it will be with you. Let’s keep trucking and pulling for the future. Tyco is not Tyco without American Insurance Brokers, Inc.


Tyruss Lynn
Tyco Transport, LLC



I am very pleased with your helpful staff. I have always had the very best and fastest service than I’ve received with any other insurance agency. I had to deal with in the past years of my business.

Thanks to all!!

Penny Sevin
Double B Trucking, Inc.



You can’t beat know how and service no matter the price.

James A. Williams
Kingdom Logistics, LLC.



Everyone has been very helpful every time I have ever called. Especially Katrina, who has helped me even when I didn’t know how to explain myself.

Thanks to everyone

Brenda Theriot
B&R Trucking



I have always been very pleased with the service provided by the representatives at American Insurance Brokers. They have often gone above and beyond to make sure my insurance needs were met and I highly recommend the company.

Deborah Isaac
Isaacs Transport



No Hassle Professional Service

Best (or Most) affordable premium I have found

Even though I have never met these folks in person, they have a way of making you feel like an individual.

Chance Reveglia
Delta Transport



Friendly and courteous staff that are ready and willing to serve by getting you the best quote that is available to you. Saves you time and money that you do not have to spend shopping the market for you insurance needs and requirements.

John Capitano
Capitano Truck Repair.



I am very please with the service I receive from your company.

Winston Maddox
Quality 1 Dirt Contractors LLC



Rockinghorse Tranportation has been with your company for many years for the simple reason that you are always there for us with any question or problem that may arise.
Thank you for all your help.

Sally Carabine
Rockinghorse Transportation



I have always received excellent service from American Insurance Brokers, Inc. They have assisted in getting my rates at the lowest possible price. The staff are always willing to answer any of my questions and they take the time to explain things to me as well. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Mary Breaux



I had checked with other insurance agencies and had gotten cheaper quotes. I must say the response from your team was very good Nikki White was outstanding with everything she said and did it in a very timely manner.
Keep-up the good work

Edward Wood
Southside auto & truck



You guys have been real helpful. I told Katrina what I was looking for and I got it with a little extra.
Keep up the good work

Darrell Wilson

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