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When trucking companies in Shreveport search for commercial truck insurance, we know they’re looking for hassle-free, affordable coverage. American Insurance Brokers, Inc. has spent over thirty-five years in the insurance business. We know how the trucking industry works, and we know how to get you the best value for your money.

Commercial Truck Insurance


We offer insurance to cover trucks and their drivers and have the industry knowledge you can rely upon. American Insurance Brokers, Inc. opened for business in 1980 and have become one of the largest commercial truck insurers in the Southeastern United States.


Trucking companies in Shreveport come to us when they want help in selecting a plan that is right for their individual needs. We work with over thirty-five “A”-rated commercial insurance agencies to provide you with the best insurance at the most competitive rates.


When you work with American Insurance Brokers, Inc., we ensure you have the legal documentation you need to do your job.


A commercial trucking company driving on a highway in Shreveport, Louisiana backed with truck insurance from AIB.

We provide the following Louisiana and Federal commercial truck insurance filings:


  • MCS90
  • BMC34
  • BMC91-X
  • Form E
  • Form H
  • SR22


We’re committed to customer service. For years, our company has grown through referrals from our satisfied customers. We provide reliable access to our dedicated staff when you need it.

Commercial Truck Insurance in Shreveport


Different commercial vehicles need different insurance coverage. Our experienced agents can evaluate your legal coverage requirements and help you limit your liability. We offer competitive insurance rates for a wide variety of commercial vehicles. We are the experts in truck insurance that leading trucking companies in Shreveport turn to.

There Are Many Insurance Options for Trucking Companies in Shreveport


Some of the types of insurance we offer include:

  • Commercial auto liability – When a covered party is at fault, this insurance covers injuries and property damage they caused
  • Garage keepers’ legal liability insurance – The right type of coverage for towing services, service stations, and other companies that offer vehicle storage
  • Medical payments coverage – If you (and/or a passenger) are injured in an accident this coverage helps pay medical bills
  • Motor truck cargo insurance – Cargo coverage is used when contract truckers are actively hauling items
  • Motor truck general liability – Coverage for non-trucking incidents, such as a driver’s negligent actions while on a loading dock
  • Non-trucking liability insurance – This covers truckers when operating their truck for non-business reasons
  • On-hook towing insurance – Towing can damage a vehicle and this insurance covers many situations in which this might happen
  • Physical damage – This is the coverage that kicks in if there is a truck accident, a truck is stolen, the truck catches on fire, or it sustains other types of covered physical damage
  • Trailer interchange insurance – When a truck is pulling a trailer under an interchange agreement, this insurance covers that trailer
  • Uninsured motorist insurance – Accidents caused by other parties are generally the financial responsibility of the other party’s insurance company; this coverage protects you if that party does not have insurance or if they do not have sufficient insurance to cover your damages
  • Workers’ compensation insurance – Companies are required to have workers’ compensation insurance if they have more than a certain number of employees and meet other criteria; this coverage pays for medical bills and lost wages if a worker is injured while working.


Both drivers and businesses are covered by various sorts of commercial truck insurance in Shreveport in a variety of situations. We’ll do our best at American Insurance Brokers to offer you a policy that includes the required coverages.

Which commercial vehicle types are covered by American Insurance Brokers?


American Insurance Brokers offers coverage for a wide variety of commercial vehicles, whether you’re driving your own car or managing a fleet.


Although tractor-trailers are among the most typical, we can assist with supplying insurance for the following trucking companies in Shreveport:


Vehicles in Shreveport backed by commercial trucking insurance from AIB.

  • Tank trucks
  • Tow trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Car carriers
  • Dump trucks
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Moving trucks
  • Straight trucks
  • Log trucks
  • Hotshot trucks


Not finding your vehicle type on this list? Please contact us at 1-800-256-1177. We can create a quote that meets your demands because we are familiar with the special complexity of the trucking sector.

How Does Commercial Truck Insurance Work in Shreveport?


When trucking companies in Shreveport contact American Insurance Brokers, we begin by carefully examining their company to determine what type of insurance they need. Once we’ve discussed the options with our clients, we focus on finding a policy with the coverage you need at the best possible value.

Many Factors Affect the Cost of Commercial Truck Insurance


It is very common for truckers to ask us how much commercial truck insurance costs. There is no simple answer to this question because many factors affect the price, including:

  • Your driving history
  • Where your garage is located
  • The state your vehicle is in


These are only a few of the many factors an insurance company will use to determine a fair rate for your coverage.

We Help with Regulatory Filings


Regulatory filings have a significant role in determining the insurance needs for commercial trucks. It’s critical to keep up with these standards because both federal and state laws frequently change. At American Insurance Brokers, we make it a priority to ensure that you always adhere to the law at each destination on your path.


We cover the following endorsements since differing circumstances call for different filings:

  • MCS90: States that the driver’s financial commitment meets the state’s minimum requirement
  • BMC34: Cargo liability coverage
  • Form E: Demonstrates that drivers carry the minimum required insurance for their home state
  • Form H: Confirms that drivers carry the minimum required cargo liability insurance for their home state
  • OS/OW COI: Proves to Louisiana that drivers have sufficient liability insurance to operate oversize or overweight vehicles
  • SR22: This shows that drivers have filed minimum liability insurance with their home state motor vehicles department


Keep in mind that due to the distinctions between each commercial vehicle, this is not a complete list. Your vehicle, route, and a number of other variables will all affect the filing procedure. Our team will carefully assess your company to make sure that your filings are accurate.

We Offer a Free Review of Current Coverage for Trucking Companies in Shreveport


Are you not sure if your current coverage is enough? Do you think you might have more coverage than you need? We will happily review your current policy to find out what could be improved. Call us or fill out our online form to receive a free quote for your commercial vehicle insurance needs!

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