Different Types of Truck Insurance We Offer

Types of Truck Insurance

There are many types of truck insurance to consider when preparing your commercial trucking company. Trucks require different types of insurance coverage than other vehicles, depending on their purpose. For example, moving truck insurance provides coverage for the items being transported. American Insurance Brokers, we provide a variety of insurance options for all kinds of trucks.

Types of Trucks That We Insure

We offer insurance plans for practically every type of truck on the road throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. The following are some of the truck insurances that we offer:

  • Truck insurance — If you’re looking for basic truck insurance, you’ll want coverage for theft or any damages caused by accidents, vandalism, or acts of God (such as floods, fallen trees, etc.). You’ll also need liability insurance to protect against any damages or injuries caused by an accident for which you are at fault.
  • Dump truck insurance — Most dump trucks require special coverage as they can cause a lot of damage or severe injuries if they get into an accident. Additionally, the materials being transported can cause damage and injuries as well. Dump truck insurance protects against such situations.
  • Moving truck insurance — Moving trucks require several types of coverage. Liability coverage will cover injuries or damage caused as a result of an accident you’re at fault for, while physical damage insurance covers any damages caused to the box truck. Additionally, you may need motor truck cargo insurance to protect anything being transported in the truck, such as the furniture and other belongings of a customer.
  • Tow truck insurance — Besides coverage against theft and damages as well as liability insurance, tow truck owners should get on-hook towing insurance, which provides coverage for vehicles you are towing.
  • Tractor-trailer truck insurance — In addition to covering damages, theft, and liability, you can also get trailer interchange insurance, which protects you while you’re in possession of a trailer you don’t own.

We also offer coverage on car carriers, tank trucks, flatbed trucks, hotshot trucks, and more. Find out about specific insurance coverage available for your truck in your state by contacting us at American Insurance Brokers for a free quote today.

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