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Why You Need Truck Insurance

For commercial trucking companies and owner/operators, semi-truck insurance is simply not optional. If you’re putting trucks of any type on the roadway under your banner, you’re opening your brand to both financial and legal risks. The right trucking insurance helps protect you, your businesses, and your employees when accidents occur. Here are just a few major reasons to contact American Insurance Brokers to find out more about trucking insurance options today.

The Government Requires It

State and federal laws require certain types of coverage for companies that operate trucks on the roadways. The exact nature of required coverage depends on factors that include the state where your business resides, which states you plan to operate in and what type of trucks are in your fleet. You also may need specific coverage depending on what type of cargo you plan to carry. The professionals at American Insurance Brokers are experienced in helping truckers and companies understand exactly what coverage is available and best for them.

Semi Truck Insurance Protects You

If you or a driver with your company gets into an accident on the road, insurance coverage helps protect your interests. Coverage may kick in to pay for losses sustained on your vehicles or for losses suffered by others. If another party involved in the accident sues for damages, your insurance helps to cover those costs as well, and medical coverage on your policy can help pay for bills and recovery needs if you’re injured in an accident.

Insurance Plans Protect Your Employees

The right coverage will help pay for the cost of medical bills and recovery for employees who are injured in trucking accidents while operating your fleet. Depending on your plan, it may also insure them as drivers, covering an employee driver in the event of an accident that leads to a lawsuit.

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